Squiddy Squirrels is a collection of 10,000 unique, cute and adorable squirrels living on the polygon blockchain. These images have been painted digitally . The collection has been generated using coding. All images are unique and have been randomly generated from interesting and new traits. The collection has rarity features which will add further value to your collectible.


There are many species of squirrel, and they come in lots of shapes, colors and sizes. They are nature's gardeners and have an important role in forest regeneration. Their biggest contribution to the forest is in shaping its flora. They have a peculiar habit of taking seeds and burying them. When they return to find the stored food they usually forget the spot, and the seeds they stored later sprout and grow into trees. This collection celebrates the beauty and importance of squirrels on our planet. Adopt a Squiddy Squirrels NFT to support the existence of these beautiful small creatures on our planet.

Squiddy squirrels are on a mission to nurture mother earth and help you achieve a self-improvement goal for yourself. As you participate in our monthly contests you will get a chance to incorporate a good habit, better lifestyle or better nutrition for yourself. If you win the contest you get a free Squiddy Squirrel merchandize delivered to you. Join us in our mission of rebuilding nature and nurturing humans on the planet by sporting a Squiddy Squirrel NFT as your avatar in the metaverse. Squiddy Squirrels come with a lot of perks as well for the NFT holders. Join our discord server and follow the Twitter page to stay updated on community activities and perks.


Squiddy Squirrels are not just avatar pictures. They are a pieces of art as well. They are digital assets on the Polygon blockchain and can be traded on NFT marketplaces. These NFTs have many rarities incorporated in the collection which can make your NFT even more sought after. We are offering several perks to those who mint the NFTs from this collection.

  • Merchandise worth 100$ with your NFT's image will be sent to those minting 10 or more NFTs. You must submit your completed contact form that is available on the FREE GIFTS page to avail your merchandise.

  • Nature and self-improvement related contests will be organized every month on our discord server. One winner will be selected every month and Squiddy squirrels merchandise will be delivered to them. Read the CONTESTS page for more details. Join our discord server for updates.

  • A whitelist will be created from our followers for perks from future collections.

  • Squiddy Squirrels with add new perks as new use cases for NFTs come up in the future.


We will be airdropping NFTs from our future collections.


Get merchandise worth 100$ sent to you on minting 10 or more NFTs .


Participate in monthy contests to win free merchanidise.


Get whitelisted for VIP spots in future projects.

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